Patricia McCarthy, Esq.

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Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Mediation Session?

When there are unsettled disputes between two parties, a mediation session is often held, and some courts require mediation.   Patricia McCarthy, Esq. is a Harvard University trained mediation specialist.

A mediation lawyer is a neutral third-party representative who will help two or more parties reach a resolution relative to unresolved issues.

Upon resolution of the issue(s), a written agreement is usually presented to both parties.

Tips for Hiring Mediation Lawyers

In case you’ve decided to hire an attorney for your mediation process, it’s important to consider these simple tips:

  • Find a lawyer who supports mediation. Not all attorneys support this type of approach, and it is best that you hire someone who can greatly help you during this process.
  • Come up to a decision whether you want constant coaching or whether you just need your lawyer for consultation during the mediation process.
  • Have your lawyer review the written agreement before you sign it.
  • From the beginning, make sure that the lawyer has a clear understanding on what your expectations are, and let hi /her know your position even before the mediation process begins.

Mediation is the easiest and the less complicated way to deal with conflicts between two  parties.