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What is Assault and Battery and How a Lawyer Can Help.

By definition, assault and battery are actually two different intentional torts that are both subjects of a personal injury lawsuit. You can consider them as a pair of two separate crimes which oftenly occurs at the same time whereby the respective victim may sue the perpetrator for any civil damages. If a person causes fear or an apprehension to another person by means of harmful contact or cocking their arms in a manner that may lead to punching a person is actually defined as assault.

On the other hand, if an individual goes to the extremes of literally punching the victim or making any offensive and harmful contact, then it is defined as battery. This means that it is quite challenging to determine an absolute legal theory in a way that optimizes damages due to assault and battery.

The courtroom may not be able to prove the actual amount of fear or the severity of damage resulted from assault and battery. Due to the nature of courtrooms, any case cannot be ruled without a proper proof. However, hiring an attorney is the only way you can justify the elements of proof because they have just enough experience in both assault and battery cases.

With that said, you can now realize the importance of hiring an experienced lawyer who can work on your case without much difficulties. Your attorney can only provide the courtroom with valuable theories on the elements that can provide rational proof. In some cases, some victims may not even realize that any perpetrator who causes harm by touch can also be sued for such.

In conclusion, assault and battery are one of the most legally challenging cases that may not go through in the courtroom without the assistance of a lawyer, else the jury’s verdict may not favor you.