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Definition Of Theft And How A Lawyer Can Help

Theft is an element of criminal law which can encompass a number of offenses including robbery, burglary and larceny. Specifically, legal authorities define theft as the actual, physical removal of a distinct object able to be stolen. This removal is done without the consent of the party who owns the object and is done with the clear intention of permanently depriving the owner of possession. Though each jurisdiction is different, the penalties of theft crimes can be quite serious in indeed.

Given the potential sanctions for being found guilty of theft, it is essential that anyone accused of such a crime secure experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Jail time, community service and costly fines may all be consequences of such charges, and swift action should be taken to mount a thorough defense.

Criminal convictions of any kind result in a negative record that can follow an individual for the rest of their life, whether they actually committed the act or not. Career opportunities, personal relationships and reputation in the community are just a few of the things likely to suffer if a conviction occurs.

Theft and Criminal Lawyers

Fortunately, talented criminal lawyers exist who can take critical steps to help mitigate the impact of theft charges, perhaps even securing their dismissal. If charges are ultimately brought, a criminal attorney will know how to marshal vital exculpatory evidence, challenge questionable actions taken by the police in investigating the incident in question and effectively negotiate with prosecutors.

Achieving a favorable deal in the face of criminal prosecution can involve acceptance of a plea deal in exchange for lesser penalties, and it is a task seasoned criminal attorneys undertake on a routine basis. Enlisting the help of a legal practitioner who focuses on the defense of theft crimes is the best way to fight back against charges which are certain to jeopardize anyone’s future.