Patricia McCarthy, Esq.

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A divorce can be the most difficult and heart-wrenching event any person or family can endure. The Law Office of Patricia McCarthy focuses on divorce litigation, aggressively negotiating an appropriate financial resolution while putting clients at ease during this emotional time.Patricia McCarthy has extensive expertise in equitable division of assets and has the know-how to resolve even the most complex financial situations – those involving substantial assets, closely held businesses and commercial and residential real estate holdings.

Ways an Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Help You

When things turn the other in your marriage and divorce becomes the only resort, then you will be sure of both financial and emotional hitches. You might want to deal with these difficulties alone but at times your efforts my reach the bedrock and the only way out is to seek help from your nearest divorce attorney. Some of the ways your divorce lawyer can help you includes the following.

The way property is divided after a divorce varies from one state to another. This means that your divorce lawyer can help you determine whether your property is split on 50-50 basis or, everyone takes what they brought.

The reasons for divorce have limits and there are acceptable and unacceptable reasons. A qualified divorce lawyer can easily evaluate your reasons for divorce and determine whether it is acceptable or not.

All your marital debts may be addressed by the divorce lawyer who might provide a working plan to deal with the debts.

The divorce process might get too emotional but with a divorce lawyer in the mix, then only the legal aspects of the divorce will be under focus.

All marital assets may also be accounted for by the divorce lawyer. Some spouses may have a tendency of hiding asset records and you may not be able to claim what is entitled to you without a lawyer.

Due to the legalities, your divorce lawyer will be able to file the divorce papers on your behalf.

Your lawyer will also ensure that once the property has been split, both spouses will come to an agreement to avoid future problems.

In general, any divorce can only be done in a more convenient and successful way if an attorney is included. So, no matter how smart you are, divorce process needs some expertise and you better look for a good divorce lawyer.