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What is Paternity and Why You Need a Paternity Lawyer

Paternity is legal fatherhood. The husband of a woman who gives birth during the marriage is considered the legal father. If the mother of the child is not married when she gives birth, the child has no legal father. Getting a paternity will give the child a legal father.

Paternity can be established by both signing the paternity acknowledgement, this can be after the birth of the baby in the hospital or later. Parent who are married when the child is born don’t need to prove paternity.

Paternity can also be established through administrative paternity order. This involves taking genetic tests that will prove the father of the child. This process might not require a person to go to court.  This is also legal, just like the judicial paternity order. This process can take around six months depending on the parties’ response to the court actions and the court hearing schedule.

Judicial paternity order is another way of establishing paternity. The court will look at the fact provided and issue a court order for the paternity.  Both parties must appear in court and the court might order a genetic test to be carried out.

There are a number of benefits in legally identifying the father of the child. The child has access to a number of services such as Life and health insurance benefits, military or veterans’ benefits, Inheritance, medical history, social security financial support from both of the parents. There are many studies that have shown children with actively involved parents are more likely to be successful in life.

A paternity lawyer is very key in the process. This is especially if the parties go the judicial paternity order way. There are many legal procedures that must be followed, you will need a lawyer for this.